Brand Story: Amâna

Amâna is a Khoekhoegowab word, also known by the ethnic term, Nama-Damara, authentic to the Namibian ethnicity. Amâna means truthful in Nama.

Amâna aims to encourage sustainable fashion by creating handbags suitable for any occasion and which is the perfect eight-to-late companion. Amâna’s signature style is focused on minimalism and timelessness. Because the brand aims to be a sustainable and slow-fashion brand, the products are not trend-driven and would suit any season, any occasion, any outfit. All handbags are made of 100% genuine bovine leather, ensuring a long lifespan and which is more eco-friendly than imitation materials.

This fashion brand was founded in 2018 by designer Elzane Ludeke who wanted to introduce a high-end range of leather handbags of international style and standard to the Southern African market at an affordable price.

Amâna targets modern professional women. The handbags are designed to be comfortable, practical, yet at the same time stylish with a minimalist and sophisticated design.
Apart from shopping the brand online on PLATFORM23, you can also follow them on social media.  Take a look at the products and lifestyle of Amâna on Instagram (@amana_design) or Facebook (@amana.accessories).

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