Brand Story: At Home With Yoshi

Written by Jemma Wakefield, Founder of At Home With Yoshi.

I have always had a love for decor and interiors, I took some photography courses at Cape Town School of Photography and then studied Interior Decor at BHC School of Design.
It was after working and gaining valuable experience at Hertex Fabrics that I realized what I truly wanted to do was find a way to merge all of my studies and passions and flair for sales together.  
I decided to take all my savings and follow my dream in creating my own homeware brand, thus Yoshi the brand was born.

A brand that would focus on eco-conscious and sustainable practices, yet have the look and feel of a very modern high-end luxury label.
I went for a very minimal look and feel as I wanted my products to be able to be placed in any interior and have it be harmonious with that space. (With the hero being the contents within)  


Naming and branding it around my cat Yoshi was almost an unconscious decision, she has always been this huge source of comfort and so I wanted my products to imitate that comforting "home-ness" that you get when cuddling up with a precious furbaby.
She is also so involved in the creation of each product, she is right beside me as I photograph, market, design, handmake, package, and ship each individual product and order myself.

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