Celebrating top-class design talent at SA Fashion Week

SA Fashion Week Spring/Summer 19 Luxury Collections showcased some of the best local designers throughout Africa and we felt proud to be part of the celebration.

The four-day event, which started on April 3, took place at the Protea Court Rooftop in Sandton City, Johannesburg.

This is the 22nd year that the event has helped to promote the talented creatives on this continent.

Let's recap it for you ...


A womenswear fashion brand based in Johannesburg and founded by Maxwell Boko and Mmuso Potsane. They produce high-end and ready-to-wear apparel inspired by African heritage and contemporary culture.

The inspiration for this brand comes from traditional practices and modern subculture styles. The collections are also street-wear and workwear influenced.

This brand focuses on womenswear that is ready-to-wear and also delves into accessories and small multidisciplinary projects. The designs are sleek, forward-looking, smart and multifaceted.

The designs are created and styled for a conscious individual. It has an element of eccentricity and ranges from minimal pieces to avant-garde looks.

The collection screams avant-garde, classical, elaborate and contemporary. He communicated his vision through the use of form, line, colour and texture.

The designs look essential, easy to wear and timeless. It is notable that the fabrics are sourced responsibly and thought is given to the impact we have on the environment.

This eco-fashion and lifestyle brand draws inspiration from nature and the African landscape. The understated and sophisticated clothing looks natural both in fabrication and design.

New owner and creative director Nicola Luther, together with Sonja Stanislaus-Kaw Di-Aping, formerly of Stoned Cherrie, were thrilled to launch a new chapter in this much-loved 21-year old brand's life with a collection that explored the beauty and complexity of the South African landscape through the lens of great local literature. 

"Elegant and sophisticated styles are meticulously created using only the finest quality natural fibres.

"The focus is on reflecting the multi-layered nature of our humanity, geography and internal landscapes through the use of pleating, contrasts in texture, proportion and form," said Luther.

This collection is all about African cultures and elements, transforming them into modern and edgy designs.


This label creates sustainable, bespoke ethical apparel and accessories. The collection taps into an essence of self which is natural and authentic.

The luxury African-inspired clothing label draws inspiration from different cultures and traditions in Africa and around the World.

This collection is for the stylish, well-travelled and fashion forward women with diverse body shapes. It is all about sending out a body-positive message, focusing on figure-flattering and minimalistic designs.

A high-end womenswear and couture designer label that consists of newly inspired and unique quality garments for the strong and confident woman.

This is one of the country's foremost creatives and his showstopping designs scream glitz and glamour. A true icon.

The label's aim is to supply garments to women that are flexible and that effortlessly meet the needs of a multifaceted lifestyle. The designs focus on powerful silhouettes that are classic and figure flattering.

This contemporary clothing brand focuses on the detailed craftsmanship, young-spirited street style, high quality urban design and easy-to-wear silhouettes.

Designer Carlo Gibson said he did not always create shows that necessarily told a story, he just wanted something that was interesting to look at and challenged design concepts.

"My starting point however was this thing about if you're treated as a racist, often your defense systems make you a racist in retaliation to racism. That was surprising to me."

When asked how he would describe his line at fashion week, he said what he would like people to see is the craftsmanship. 

"I've been making clothes for a long time, I want people to understand that I'm a clothing maker. That is my job and what I choose to do.

"I want people to see my dedication to doing that."


The collection is inspired by the Asian streetwear culture and the aesthetics of everyday life. This unisex street couture brand features pieces that are unique and interesting.

This label was also announced as the winner of the 2019 SAFW MINI Scouting Menswear competition, in association with GQ Magazine. We're excited to announce that they're coming to Platform23!

Designer Shaylene Morris said this season she was inspired by x-ray sheets.

"I think as designers we are inspired by everything we surround ourselves with. This was an idea I had for a long time and the Mini scouting competition was the perfect platform to showcase this idea."

She said they were currently working on their winter range and this would be launched on their new website mid-May. 

"Being a designer is not all glitter and glamour. It's hard work and consistency. Those who lack passion and the ambition to achieve success and quality in this industry fall short to reach the top. 

"It will take years to reach your goals, but be patient in your belief for yourself because once you achieve that goal, you will experience the most rewarding and satisfying moments in your life."


This contemporary menswear label features on a new generation of men’s streetwear. The clothes are ready-to-wear with uncompromising detail and sporty mismatched aesthetic.

A trans-seasonal minimalistic crossover brand that aims to propel people in the direction of slow fashion. The clothing is manufactured using natural fibres and textures.

Designer Zandile Makombe said as this was their debut collection the motivation for the collection was to give the customer an overview of what their brand represented.

"This collection is about combining ease of fit and movement and wardrobe staples, allowing customers to effortlessly transition between office and leisure.

"Our SS19 collection was inspired by clean minimalistic lines and comfort."

Makombe added that their collection used a neutral colourway that allowed wearers to easily integrate pieces of this collection into their existing closets.

"Through the use of natural textures and fibres we allow the customer to connect with the clothes not just by sight but through touch as well."

The label produces menswear collections positioned as unisex and combines functional detail and monochromatic colour.

These menswear garments are inspired by the Japanese military called the ‘Samurai, Futuristic’ and Smart Clothing. It clearly shows that the garments are crafted from skilled hands and creative minds.

The pieces are distinctly unique, timelessly elegant and typically sheer with intricate detailing. It shows that there is a love for finding delicate fabrics and embroideries from all over the world.


This brand offers artisanal clothing with unconventional design. The collection merges conservative and post-modern techniques to create a new representation for clothing.

The male-inspired gender neutral clothing takes a new-world approach to clothing. This collection is for those who choose not to be boxed-in by societal norms or conventions.

This is a menswear fashion label known for bold, masculine tailoring and a unique approach to timeless lines.

A fashion streetwear brand inspired by the country's vibrant cultural townships and urban cultures. It represents a liberated state of mind, identity, heritage, pride, survival and self-determination.

On a closing note ...

SA Fashion Week Spring/Summer 19 Luxury Collections was all about finding local designers that we can give a platform to for them to exhibit their incredible designs. We felt honoured to mingle and meet some of these creatives!

Photos below taken by Zoe Tlakula (@crown_autofocus_photography)

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