Dream SQNS: A personal journey of enlightenment and self-expression

Dream SQNS’ Ruben Kruger, a full-time architect and self-proclaimed part-time unicorn, has always had creative blood running through his veins.

Kruger, a free-thinker and lover of self-expression, loved nothing more than dressing up and bedazzling himself during his years of growing up.

“That inner unicorn was something that I started embracing over the years and the magical aspect, or ‘inner kid’, has been a key part of who I am.”

When Kruger first discovered the festival scene, it allowed him to tap into radical self-expression and that was when he started dressing up at festivals.

“There’s always been something magical about [most] festivals and it felt like a non-judgmental environment.”

When he attended AfrikaBurn in 2017 his mind was fully blown and he felt like he was in an environment where he truly belonged. This was where the idea for Dream SQNS was born.

“When I realised there’s an actual growing market for festival-wear in the country, I started brainstorming.”

Kruger felt there was something magical and mesmerizing about glitter and how the beautiful colours sparkle and catch your eye.

“I’m always amazed about how many different colour combinations, as well as shapes and sizes there are.

“My favourite part of the process is experimenting by mixing unexpected colours and being surprised by the beautiful result.

“What is not so special about it is that my fiancé is planning to get me a Dust Buster for Christmas!”

Kruger explained the name Dream SQNS was a double entendre and he wanted the brand name to represent something magical, such as looking at the world through a different lens where you can see Utopia (a dream world).

“Envisioning all things magical and beautiful, like a dream sequence. We create our own happiness - sequence and sequins, hence the SQNS.”

Kruger is a currently a one-man show and is behind the ‘making’ of the glitter in the sense of mixing different types together, putting them in containers, labeling, packaging, sending out orders, and more.

“I was/am behind all social media content, but now I’m thankful to have the amazing Platform23 team behind me to help grow the brand and create something more visually stimulating.”

Glitters come in a variety of different materials, cuts and effects. It can be prismatic, holographic, iridescent, neon or black light activated.

Unlike craft glitter, cosmetic glitter is made of special plastic that is non-toxic, even if ingested in small quantities. It’s coloured with pigment rather than dye, so the colour does not leach out and stain.

“Cosmetic glitter is more finely milled than craft glitter to reduce the risk of scratching or cutting. Our glitter pastes consist of glitter mixed into a skin-safe neutral gel and infused with essential oils and natural preservatives. Our certified biodegradable glitter is made out of plant based cells [cellulose], which is eco-friendly and ocean-friendly,” said Kruger.

He added that it was really simple and easy to apply the glitters, because they stick to the skin quite easily.

“You can use your finger to pat the glitter onto the skin or use a make-up brush for more refined results.

“We’ve also created a glitter gel fixative, a clear gel that can be used as a base to apply the glitter. It comes in a lip-gloss type container which makes it super easy to scoop and apply.

“Our glitter pastes already contain the neutral clear gel as a base and therefore this range is the easiest to apply without messing, especially if you are at a festival and you need to apply some glitter on the dance floor.

These glitters can be applied to eyelids, around the eyes, lips, nails, hair and body.”

He added that the fine holographic glitters were great for a more refined and subtle look, especially if you applied it over the eyelids and lips.

“The glitter pastes are fantastic for festivals. 

“The chunky glitters can be used for a variety of different occasions, whether it be a festival, a stage production, nails or to add that wow-factor to a make-up look.

“These glitters range from all different shapes, colours and sizes. Our neon mixes such as Neon Dream, Candyland and Space Bitch are black light activated and Moonstone chunky glitter glows in the dark.

“You can't go wrong with Diamonds & Pearls chunky glitter or Silver Lining Paste because the beautiful white iridescent pearly colours go with everything. If you are looking for extra uber-size chunky glitter, Supersonic/Martian/Supernova are the ones for you.

“Dark Galaxy chunky glitter is absolutely mesmerising in the sun or under the lights in a nightclub because of its bright holographic quality. If you are planning to go to a strict eco-friendly environment, the biodegradable range is definitely the way to go.

Oh, and did I mention that we have a UV-range where the glitter changes colour in the sun?”

Kruger advised that when removing glitter, be conscious to the environment and do not wash it down the drain.

Glitter can be removed with wet wipes and cleaner, just remember to dispose the wipes properly. Another easy tip is to use sellotape to remove the glitter.

“Other than that, have fun with the glitter and always share your looks with us.

“We are also keen on collaborating with other creatives, so please feel free to contact us on info@dreamsequins.co.za.

“Lastly, the aim is to expand and grow our ranges with many different festival accessories.”

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