For the love of being female and free

Whether you are a woman or you cherish a lady in your life, you need to know what truths lie behind National Women’s Day and what happened many years ago in order for this day to honoured and remembered.
It is the day that celebrates bravery, heroic determination and integrity. It is all about making you aware of how extraordinary women are and the power we have been blessed with to influence positive change and make a difference in the lives of others.
We want to tell you a story about strength and courage, the story behind National Women’s Day and why we still are reminded about the shift it caused and the rightful freedom it created.

On August 9, 1956, outside the Union Buildings in Pretoria, South Africa, four brave African ladies led a march towards the movement of what is right and what is fairly enough.
They were joined by more than 20 000 participating women from various ages and races to join the petition that voiced the injustice of pass laws – being that the legislation demanded African people to carry a document, as an official pass on them that proved they were allowed to enter an area that was declared to be a ‘white area’ throughout the time of Apartheid.
These courageous women participated in a protest against the pass laws, as their tolerance grew thin for inequality and racial judgement when it was proposed that more and greater limitations on the movements of women would be executed.

However, the march influenced positive change and the success is that South Africa recognises the united spirits and conviction of these women who risked danger and arrest by declaring August 9, National Women’s Day.
We want to know where we can empower women in Africa, please spread the word on what P23 is and our vision and let us know if you know creative women who are making a difference and creating crafts or designs you want us to sell to the rest of the world. 
We stand for this brave motion and focus on empowering local talent and embracing women by giving them the opportunities that can be created through our platform. This is a place where you can create, sell and grow.
We want to expose the talent that must be voiced to increase possibilities and allow creative’s from all walks of life to dream and gain freedom. There is no end to the ways you can get involved.

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