Handmade Happy Feet

Nearly nine out of 10 people wear shoes that are too small, therefore it is vital to make sure they fit properly otherwise it can cause problems with unhappy feet. So, keep that smile on your face and follow these tips before you buy your next pair of handmade shoes.

Get together a piece of paper, tape, socks, pen, measuring tape/ruler, shoe size chart and lets get started. Tape the paper onto the floor and ensure it is longer than your foot. Most of us have one foot that is larger, so fit your shoe to that one. Wear your socks, stand on it and draw outlines of each of your feet.

Use the measuring tape/ruler to measure from your heel to the tip of your longest toe and make sure to add 6mm to that. Then, measure the width at your foot’s widest section, which is the ball, and add 6mm to that. Use the size chart to see what size you should purchase. 

Remember, that authentic leather and suede shoes are tighter and hard in the beginning, but once you walk them in for a day or two, the material will soften and leave you with the most incredible fitting shoe.

You should always measure your feet later in the day rather than after you wake up, because our feet expand during the day as we use them. Also, the size of your feet change as you get older, so remember this advice as you move on in life.

For running shoes, wear them half a size bigger as your feet will swell just after 3km of running. The extra room will help with the blood flow. Remember, too big is just as bad as too small.

So, keep your happiness flowing by taking good care of your feet and preventing any problems. Let an orthopaedic surgeon or dermatologist check them regularly, keep blood circulating as much as possible, and try to not expose your feet to cold temperatures.

Special thanks to Howcast and OnHealth for the extra tips.

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