koko.da.kota awakens the adventurous spirit

Maxine Benatar has been designing and manufacturing clothing for 20 years and recently launched a new range called koko.da.kota.

The name means "beyond the city", which is exactly what the clothing aims to achieve. The range is a collection of unique, vibrant, sexy and glamorous pieces that are multi functional and will hopefully awaken the adventurous spirit in everyone.

After travelling to amazing holiday destinations around the world, Maxine noticed that they all had gorgeous resortwear but at exorbitant prices. She decided to create a range that was equally as beautiful and far more accessible.

Maxine launched the new label in 2017 and is constantly travelling to India, Paris, Bali and many other exotic destinations to source new and beautiful fabrics and trims.

Her aim is to keep the items exclusive and unique, because according to her, mass produced items strip individuality.

The clothing is all locally produced as supporting that industry is a big priority for her.

"Having the freedom to design what I want and to draw inspiration from all over the word is a great privilege. I now work smarter instead of harder and concentrate on making items I absolutely love.

"Quantity is no longer a priority which allows me to focus on the actual design process."

Maxine has a BA degree with law and psychology majors, but decided not to pursue either career and rather follow her true passion, which was clothing design.

She has been a designer and supplier to Young Designers Emporium (YDE) for the last 20 years and recently left to concentrate solely on koko.da.kota.

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