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Libra: Balanced beautifier that seeks peace and harmony

Lisa Spruyt

Posted on October 18 2018

Libra: Balanced beautifier that seeks peace and harmony


Each year we journey from century to century and we are fortunate enough to experience changes from Spring to Summer and Autumn to Winter. We go through guarantees of change each year and each season. Days are lengthened and the average temperature rises, which brings on a new chapter. It is the return from migrations, the awakening from hibernation and the birth of beauty and lifelines in your memories.  

Being curious about what makes us different and investigating personalities, mannerisms and habits are all part of understanding not only ourselves, but others too. Whether you believe in star signs and astrological studies or not, know that there is much research and practical pursuit available that celebrates the notion that people born on the same day and in the same zodiac period are custom to similarities and a defined profile.

Thus no one really knows why psychological tendencies group us, but being part of something mystical and unexplainable is intriguing and otherworldly.  

Now it is time to celebrate the Libra. Born between September 23 and October 22. 

The Libra is in search of peace and harmony, a lifelong purpose and awareness of being, while doing it in style and with dedication.

Personality assets include being charming, lovable, sincere and a hopeless romantic. To let you in on a little secret, their wish is to love and be loved in return. Libra seeks to know both sides to a problem and because of their high energy and resilience they are often fascinating to friends and co-workers. However, they must be wary of imposing their strong views on others. 

You will find them either sharing deep conversations or interacting with people who relate organically to something they might. People are interesting and you are interestingly different. The truth is in your eyes and in your soul. Be brave, you are a dreamer. But because Libras prioritise fairness so greatly, in their search for equality they should choose the middle path, avoiding the small possibility of being overly accepting or judgemental. 

They are all about being committed, having equality, feeling balanced and acting fair. This balanced life and restoring equilibrium to all affairs is represented in their scales of justice symbol.

What we can learn from them is how to seek and achieve more balance in our lives, how to be socially graceful and how to focus on style - the perfect achievement of inner and outer beauty.

Beauty is in everyone, magic is in everything and all you have to do is seek it. Creative people who have dedication and passion come the closest to reaching real dreams. 

It is important that you know you are different, so just own it. 

We've put together a few items that we believe a Libra would love, in accordance with their personality traits and star sign symbols.

Element: Air

Air signs are all about being intellectual, communicating well and helping make a better world.

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Spirit Colour: Blue

This soothing colour symbolises peace, truth and tranquillity. It also represents trust and harmony. It is all about good energy and keeping calm.

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Lucky Gem: Sapphire

Known as the wisdom stone, it promotes intelligence, education and being able to make wise and good choices. It can also promote spiritual enlightenment.

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Flower: Rose

A Libra and a rose go together perfectly, as both are adored by everyone. The flower, which is a symbol of peace and love, also shares the star sign's passion for what is right and wrong.

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