Loved by Elli Jewellery: A special dedication to a mother's love

Jana Gabelmann, founder of Loved by Elli Jewellery, started her business in June, 2017, with her first shop delivery.
Established in Cape Town and inspired by the peaceful Karoo region, her designs come in different textures to mix and match to your heart's content.
Her exquisite designs reflect simplicity and focus on natural and lifestyle inspired shapes. The designs draw inspiration from Gabelmann's childhood memories of spending time at the ocean. Her board earrings were shaped according to a surfboard, which also formed part of some of her fondest moments.
“I’ve always been creative and loved to make things, especially on a small and delicate scale.
“While I was still studying Educational Science in Berlin, working with metal started fascinating me as it seemed like an exciting and different way of creating,” said Gabelmann who hand-manufacture all her pieces, which are made out of beautiful brass and stunning sterling silver.
She added that after moving to South Africa in 2015 and having met “incredible and talented” artists in Cape Town, she decided to dedicate this new chapter to her creativity and to take a break from the scientific path she was walking.
“I started taking classes in jewellery making and working for another Cape Town-based jewellery brand until I decided to go my own way.
“Moving from Germany to SA also meant to leave another life and my mother Elli behind. That’s why the name “loved by elli” got stuck in my head when I was playing around with potential names.
“My mother and I have a very strong bond and I’m forever grateful for her support and love for everything I’m pursuing.”
She felt working for another jewellery label in a well-equipped studio helped a lot in the beginning. She also knew some good and experienced jewellers and setters who were open to help and keep eyes open for second-hand tools.
“I love simplicity and delicate designs that somehow reflect my journey, experiences and just things I come across fascinating me. It’s sometimes
very classic and timeless; I’m not following specific trends.
“Lately, I’ve been playing around with a lot more “natural” designs using stones and crystals I picked up in the Karoo, where I spend a lot of time.

“I just love the idea of using raw and untouched treasures from nature, making once-off pieces that are unique and let you carry a tiny part of our
In the future she would also love to use raw materials that she could source from nature combined with metal.
“I don’t have a big variety in colour but keep the material and metal I use very natural without gold-plating.
Photo: Instagram/@lovedbyelli 
“As I’m very into geometric shapes and clear lines, my favourite items are the Geo earrings. They are “light statement” pieces and go with a lot of
She said her goal was to grow further and collaborate with other brands and labels.
“I’d also love to be able to support and work with initiatives and organisations that try to make the world a better place through environmental awareness and education.”

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