Masa Mara: The story of true African cultures

Eli Gold, the creative behind Masa Mara, felt his journey had been inspired by his life's purpose.

"I never imagined that I'd be in fashion, but now it makes perfect sense."

Masa Mara, which was created in 2014, comes from a Rwandan saying 'Amara Amasa', which means to be empty-handed, come from nothing or started with nothing.

Eli started the company after a few years of learning and working with some friends on a brand called 'Macasai Clothing', but unfortunately things did not work out the way they all thought it would, so he took all his experience and knowledge and started Masa Mara.

It is the first black African cultural owned sportluxe and with the owner being a third culture kid, born in Rwanda and growing up in more than five countries (Congo, Burundi, Kenya, Tanzania and South Africa), this helped to make the brand relatable and it tells the story of true African cultures.

Eli made it his responsibility to travel Africa where he met and shared African cultural experiences, visited all Eastern and South African countries - the experiences strongly comes through in his creations.

The line captures the harmony that could exist between the past and the present, as well as the traditional and the modern.

"My designs honour the cultural wear of various tribes while blending these elements with urban active wear with the aim of introducing traditional values to today's generation, while celebrating their innovation.

"We print and dye our own fabrics to make the best comfortable sports and day-to-day wear."

Eli said he always grew up around colourful fabrics and prints and that he was quite the fashionista.

"In my last year of business management I fully embraced my personal legend. To me, fashion is more about a story than clothing. It's emotion and passion.

"With every garment I design, I remember my story. I become that hopeful little boy all over again."

His ultimate career goal is to see his brand being globally recognized.

"We've had an interesting career thus far; I can say we've been through the most. Masa Mara has managed to win the hearts of both local and internationals."

The 27-year-old added that he always remembered that strength came from pain, joy came from sorrow and that rivers flowed through the highest mountains.

"My spirit recalls the exquisite African sunset, the irresistible desert flowers, the wild animals, the hills of Rwanda, the fathers, mothers, sons of Africa . . . and I see Eli Gold."

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