Meet Thandi: handmade with love

Thandiwe Edith Ndlovu wanted to give a feel of how important her name could be and decided to create Thandi’s Handmade Shoes in 2014.
“What is special about the shoes is that they’re crafted and very detailed when wearing them,” said the Alexandra local.
Thandiwe, whose company was a sole venture, designs the shoes, gives them to a manufacturer and then sells them.
The leather she uses is from Botswana and she follows a specific strategy when it comes to deciding what colour and material combinations to use.
“I work it out by looking at different designs and how they can have statements.”
The 44-year-old’s ultimate career goal is to supply large businesses such as Woolworths and Edgars. To move her way up to this point she will stay positive and keep going.
“This company means my life. I also see myself having my own factory in the next few years.”

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  • Simon Westraadt

    I love these leather boots, they are super comfortable and durable. Rock them at work and out on the town, perfect boot for a getaway weekend! Thanks for the help with customizing the boot as well, not easy finding size 12 leather shoes around!

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