NVME: Unique and forever timeless bikinis

Roxane and Simone van Rooyen founded their NVME bikini brand in 2010 "very organically and unintentionally".

But interestingly enough, they started their brand a few years before when they were importing unique women's clothing from the east.

They were travelling through Asia when they saw a gap in the market for fashion that was at that time not so readily available in South Africa.

"Sexy flattering swimwear is very hard to come by. With us being models and having worked for many swimwear brands worldwide, we saw a gap in the market," said Roxane.

She added that with their swimwear being crochet, it made it very unique and forever timeless.

"My twin and I are also both beach bums, born and raised in the beautiful Cape Town, so it was a no-brainer to produce our very own swimwear brand."

Roxane said as they saw the demand in the market, they slowly started producing these handmade swimwear pieces. It was a skill their mom taught them when they were in their early 20s.

Only later did they employ the "extremely talented" women who work for them full-time.

"Every woman should own a crochet swimsuit. NVME is pronounced Envy Me. As any and every woman wearing this playfully sexy brand will be envied by others," said Roxane.

Their general concept is to create a unique and sexy but playful brand that every woman, despite their age, can wear.

"Like we said before, every woman needs some sort of crochet piece in their wardrobe. It's timeless, classic and can be accessorised with almost anything, dress it up or down.

"With the swimwear especially, which is what we started with initially, we wanted to create a fit that was flattering and made you feel sexy and confident wearing it."

Roxane said they pride themselves with their fit. The "slim fit" also promotes a "no tan line" effect, which is what every girl desires - the perfect tan. It's a high quality product that feels extremely lux.

Their swimwear, crop tops, skirts and shorts are generally all made from 100% bamboo, which is a super luxurious material and incredibly soft to touch.

It also has many amazing benefits, such as being naturally antibacterial, keeping it odour free, as well as feeling and smelling fresh; an excellent quality for swimwear fabric.

"Our supplier for our bamboo yarn is an incredible small local business based just outside of Cape Town. They work with women in neighbouring settlements, which in turn creates jobs and empowers them.

"The yarn is hand-dyed and the quality is impeccable. The varieties of colours are endless, which allow us to keep with the trends of the upcoming season. Also, whichever colour you're after, you'll find it in our range."

Roxane added their dresses were made from twine and were only available in black and white.

"This is a much lighter weight yarn that is more suitable for dresses. A company in Johannesburg supplies us with our white twine. After searching high and low, we introduced the black twine, which we get in Zimbabwe."

The twins said they had many popular favourites that they always made available all year round and with every new season they would introduce a couple of new colours, often being a trending seasonal colour or even requests from their loyal clients.

"Certain colours we'll run for a season and only make a small amount, as to create an exclusivity factor. But our standard range is vast.

"For the apparel, we've found the neutral colours work best as they're more versatile to pair with other garments. Black, ivory (white) and beiges are classic and versatile."

Their crowd favourite is the classic two-piece triangle bikini. "The fit is special and the colours are so fun. Most of our clients own more than one of these.

"What makes this classic bikini so versatile and unique is that you can always pair your crochet bottoms with a sexy crop top, creating an even more eccentric look, or mixing and matching a different colour top with your bottoms, yet it still looks like a set as the crochet is so unique."

"It never gets old seeing our swimwear worn all over the. It started with just selling to friends, and then seeing it all over the city on a regular basis is fulfilling.

"Also, we have tags on our Instagram from girls wearing our NVME all over the world, and some of the most gorgeous places."

The 29-year-olds feel they have achieved their ultimate career goal. "We love Cape Town and for us to be able to run a sustainable business and live in this gorgeous city, doing what we love - goal achieved."

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