Highlights of Menswear Fashion Week SS20

Menswear Fashion week started off with Thoby Cooper and their simplistic approach to modern fashion. The brand used bright colours that had an almost childlike and crafty feeling connected to it.

By Ele Apparel brought us a modern African vibe with the use of animal print and neutral colours. There were a few outfits with Neo-African patterns and colours, but the main portion was a mix of beige and black fabrics.

Masa Mara’s collection had numerous Neo-African patterns, but with 90’s-like colours. It was a new and retro look rather than the classic Neo-African patterns that South Africa is used to.

Florals are back! Rick Dusi’s line was a fun play of casual to smart-casual. We were drawn to the florals on suit jackets and floral strands across shirts.

Jreason made everyone gasp with his amazing colour-changing fabrics and tunic-like pieces with beautiful designs. He catered for a larger group with his multi-racial designs.

The streetwear brand of the night was Iconic Black, which also used Neo-African patterns in their pieces. They had outfits that could be worn while chilling on the couch or taking a stroll in the inner-city.

“Embrace the you inside you” - this was handwritten on the back of a One I Am piece. The line consisted of white, black and blue colours, which were hand-painted with an artistic twist to them. Definitely a brand to keep your eyes on.

High energy, adrenaline, thrill and excitement. Just a few words that can be used to describe what Good Good Good managed to bring to SAMW. A collection of contemporary design and simplicity with a slight fusion of grandeur in taste, being birthed before one's eyes. The flowing blue and white were reminiscent of the sky. Sunset-like yellows and oranges, soft greens and deep blues reminded us of the ocean in the form of a garment.

ThrowAway Twenty. A collection that immediately made us feel like planning a trip to St Tropez. A line that did not shy away from florals, prints and bold colours. It was a perfect juxtaposition between masculine and feminine. Oak browns, suede and crisp-lined shirts blended with florals, bold pops of colours and an attitude to fit. Cooked up in such a way that would make any avid consumer inhale excitedly.

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