The Business of Conscious Fashion Through Garments & Products of Change


Afrinique-Chic is a transcending luxury lifestyle fashion brand which encourages people to discover and embrace their cultures and exceptionalism.  We strive to show our patrons the business of conscious sustainable fashion by assisting individuals to dress for  what they stand for  and boldly tell their story and mind-set through what they choose to wear.   We aim to forge a purpose driven, empowering and educational brand that seeks to connect the client and our apparel by showcasing a sense of mindfulness and unity to an aspect of our garment/product that will give our patrons a sense of connection and further more encourage awareness, elevate and inspire them to view themselves as prized individuals of Luxury African Excellence.

We are not in the business of one size or aesthetic fits all garments or products. We value diversity, vision, purpose, emotions, ethicality, education, sustainability, adaptability, the African inspired traditional and yet the modern global world and choose to fuse the above in our apparel and products in order to uplift and empower our clients. Asa fashion lifestyle brand it is our goal to create personal conscious fashion through garments/products of change that seek to instill a mind-set of confidence in self and where you come from, what you stand for, what you seek to achieve and living your legacy through our luxury products, while offering our clients a high level of professionalism. We seek to empower our clients individual brand through our brand so that they wear their garment with pride and meaning knowing it was inspired and curated by them and for them.


Love and embrace who you are and where you from in order to define where you are going.

When you do so it radiates, and people are drawn to you. We remind our clients that being luxurious, glamorous and stylish is about inner strength, confidence and awareness.  We believe in self-care and self-education because it lifts your spirits, boosts morale and broadens your knowledge and therefore confidence and horizons. Rest assured in who you are and regardless of what anyone says or thinks walk in your truth, knowing that you are stunning in your own way. Have fun and be bold as you take on the world!


To echo the true essence of what it means to be African. Disrupting the status quo and wearing the garment of African pride. Using fashion and lifestyle as a means of communication in order to translate a message of unity through a single piece of material  or a distinct design.

The question raised is: “What does it mean to be African? “It surely goes beyond skin deep and the geographical location of your birth place. Apart of being African is being able to wear this garment of identity that is woven into the very essence of our existence.

On the map we recognise Africa being central to the world and with the tales of history we have seen Africa feed and establish many nations. Therefore if global change needs to happen, it needs to arise from the carrier of change and we as the people of the continents through fashion and consciousness are its advocates. We seek to personalise your mind-set to the African luxury lifestyle that tells your contemporary African tale and experience through the Afrinique-Chic garment or product. We place you at the centre and want you to uplift each other as you live out your true meaningful sustainable pan African potential. 

Presenting the African tale through conscious garments of change.

“A designer knows he has achieved perfection not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to takeaway.”
-Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
“The stories we live and tell provide coherence and meaning and orient our sense of purpose”
-Sharon Daloz Parks


Stories are a distinct aspect of our African Heritage, it teaches us the past to trace back our origin, but better yet they teach us how we can enhance the future through learning from our past and applying consciousness to our present.

Our stories are our voices and what we create through Afrinique-Chic fashion and lifestyle products, is a different piece of the masterpiece of who we are as a nation and continent. We should celebrate, uplift, educate, live and share who we are as Africans.

Life is a medley of clashes and flows as is Afrinique-Chic fashion. We thrive in curating limited edition luxury products that tell a subtle story of significance from our proud African continent and the worlds within it, in a modern versatile fashion. We enjoy combining various modern and traditional cuts and colours, vibrant clashed-up patterns and fabrics where the true story of the modern African diaspora thrives. We have built an ethos on sustainable, responsible, meaningful educational, multifunctional and adaptable fashion that is curated for you by you.

We make timeless adaptable forward yet traditional mindful luxury fashion and products accessible to women and men in their twenty’s to late fifty’s to become whoever they want to be through their own chosen style. We seek to increase the opportunity for the customer to build their own style within a story and help tell an educational yet stylish tale which advocates them as well as the continent.

In short, we create the lifestyle of discerning African excellence with purpose.

This is a guest post written by Aurelie Tshimbombo from Afrinique-Chic.


  • Ornella Nsoki

    What i love about Afrinique-chic is the timelessness of the pieces. Some of the garments I’ve tried were not only chic but reimagined some cultural patterns that i believe my mother’s generation loved. I love how a piece of history was made again to live and be on trend

  • Samba A

    Refreshing to see a modern outlook on African fashion. Very relevant and progressive. These are the type of brands that will put Africa on the international fashion scene with real longevity.


    The uniqueness of Afrinique-Chic Clothing is its ability to reveal what Africa holds.
    From the texture of it’s fine printing to the beauty of its fabric and to add that you can sew anything with it, from evening gowns to casual outfit. The brain behind this brand is indeed a genius and very talented person.

    Thank you Afrinique-Chic for bringing us back to our roots and giving Africa’s clothing a louder voice.

  • Dalhia

    I love Afrinique-Chic clothing, the brand is amazing and provides unique range of beautiful, elegant dresses and garnements. It’s definitely a must have!!!

  • Jacques Kslsla

    As the question is asked; What does it mean to be African? The best thing that comes to my mind from this question is heritage. Fashion is simply an heritage for all Africans; and Afrinique-Chic symbolizes originality and pride of what Africans were, are and will be able to make without imitating from others.
    In today’s world, creativity has became a rare value many do not want to put efforts, sacrifices and imaginations; but, Afrinique-Chic is a proof of what we create.

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