Welcome to Platform23

We are proud to announce that we have officially launched our collaborative marketplace that hosts micro-brands on our multi-vendor site.

Our fashion and lifestyle company 'creates' the opportunity for creative individuals to sell their own brands and designs.

We feel excited to delve into the large collection of artists and designers who have such a variety of heritages, cultures and diversifications, unlike any other nation.

Our purpose is to market these small businesses and provide a one-stop platform for their magical brands in the fashion, décor, craft and art industry.

We are different as we are not creating an online site that drowns designers' special brands and craft in thousands of pages of merchandise, but we rather create a collaborative platform that allows each brand to represent itself and flourish.

This is the perfect platform to manifest your creativity and sell your line on a site that speaks for its people like no other. You get to represent and empower yourself. 

We are the united e-commerce network for creatives and globally we strive to be known as the e-commerce company that represents Africa and its talent. We have much to prove, but we believe in our people and their talent.

What is the relevance of the mysterious 23? Find out for yourself here.

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Go and discover and connect.

Until next time,
The Platform23 team

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