Xyza Savanna: Timeless pieces for the modern woman

The absolutely exquisite Xyza Savanna handbag brand will take your breath away with its impeccable designs, stitchings and materials. You will feel like a queen with this high-end bag on your arm. Think of it as the South African version of Louis Vuitton! 

The brand is also all about producing beautiful timeless pieces for the everyday modern woman. Most of the handmade genuine leather handbags can be used and are suitable to everyone's needs regardless of their roles.

"Creating timeless pieces where there are two vast ranges to choose from is what makes it special, whether you are looking for an everyday handbag or an evening handbag, Xyza Savanna has it all for you," said director Xyza Stander.

"The idea to create handmade pieces was inspired by my trip to Italy were precision and quality is everything. I appreciate the fact that you are spending money buying a quality piece that was not mass produced in China but rather made by a passionate artisan."

The idea for the brand came about when Stander visited the Homemakers Expo in Johannesburg in 2017.

"My husband and I bought some Nguni Rugs and as we were about to pay I spotted a gorgeous Nguni skin handbag on the top shelf that was for sale. I was fortunately able to convince my husband to buy me this bag.

"A little later the lady said to me that if there is a handbag I have that I want done in Nguni she could do so for me but it meant she would have to take the handbag apart."

At first the idea of having some of Stander's existing handbags made in Nguni excited her, but upon further analysis the idea of copying someone else's designs did not sit well with her.

She then told her husband that if the lady was copying handbags, surely Stander could create her own designs and have them made up for her.

"This idea of designing my own handbag line was one that would haunt me for the next two years. I kept speaking about it and held on to that dream.

"Later on that year I resigned from a corporate role I had been in and came back to Tzaneen to renovate our home. Once the renovations were completed, we then left to go on a three-month travel sabbatical where we traveled around Europe."

During their travels she visited leather schools and factories from where she drew a lot of inspiration, but more importantly where she learnt about the importance of quality and precise craftsmanship.

She also visited a stud manufacturer that did many of Fendi’s studs, which was also an incredible experience for her.

"When arriving back in South Africa my plan was to go back into corporate and save up to start this business, however one evening we visited some family friends and I had told them about my dream to start a leather accessory business.

"The next day this family friend said that he would be interested in investing and that I should put a business plan together. In May 2018 the funding from this family friend came through and I was able to start the development process.

"In November 2018 Xyza Savanna was launched."

Stander said the name Xyza meant "by the sea" and Savanna meant "grassy plain in tropical and subtropical regions".

"These are my names which I thought was fitting as Xyza is rather exotic and Savanna makes you think of Africa which really encapsulates the essence of the brand."

The 26-year-old added that they used a variety of materials, such as bovine, ostrich, Burmese python and white Nguni.

They source all the leathers from local farms and tanneries, except for the Burmese python, which skin is imported from a farm in Thailand.

"Choosing the colours and material combinations is one of the hardest parts as there is just so much to choose from.

"I draw my inspiration from a variety of sources but what shaped my final colour and material choices for the launching range was choosing colours and material that are fun but also timeless.

"These are statement colours that work beautifully with most other colours. The one combination I was most certain about was the combination of white Nguni and ostrich, as well as white Nguni and python. The Nguni is what inspired me to start this business so I had to incorporate it into my range."

Two of her favourite items that she has designed are the Cindy Shopper from the casual range and the Mini Moya from my exotic range.

"These are our two signature bags and have the most incredible detail which is what sets it apart."

Her ultimate goal is to grow Xyza Savanna on an international scale and to have beautiful stores in all major cities across the globe.

"I would ideally love for the world to know who and what Xyza Savanna is."

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