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ˈman(t)SHəwə/ noun
A woman's loose gown of a kind fashionable during the 17th and 18th centuries. From French manteau "cloak, mantle," from Old French mantel (see mantle); form influenced in English by Mantua, name of a city in Italy. Mantua-maker (1690s) became the general early 19c. term for "dressmaker."
Mindful of the centuries-old traditions of ancient China’s Mulberry Culture, Mantua Silkwear produces slow wear for a fast world in an African context. One considered piece at a time.
Mantua Silkwear is inspired by the ethereal luminosity of silk and how it transforms to the body. As a counterpoint to disposable fashion, the Mantua Collection of silk scarves and garments is trans-seasonal and beyond trends. Each garment is hand cut and hand painted or made from printed silk exclusively designed. Watercolour artworks are printed on hand-hemmed silk scarves in limited editions. The design process is driven by an intrinsic awareness of colour, space and shape, and of the body as canvas for wearable art.

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