The United eCommerce Network for Creatives in Africa

Our Story

PLATFORM23 is a South African online fashion and lifestyle company.  We've created this platform for creative individuals who sell their own brands and designs.  Africa is the future.  It holds a vast collection of artists and designers with varied heritages and cultures and has a diversification like no other place on earth.  This is why PLATFORM23 is a collaborative marketplace, to sell from and take advantage of cross-selling opportunity and the channel between us and the rest of the world’s consumers. 

Our primary purpose is to market emerging and established small businesses and to provide a one-stop platform for only the most novel and magical brands in the fashion, décor, craft and art industry.  We are an e-commerce company that is niche and entrepreneurial empowerment focused, that markets aspiring vendors selling their own brands and are serious about trading with their talent.



Everyone’s been asking, what is the relevance of 23?


The number 23 is associated with mysterious phenomenon and the belief that nothing is ever coincidence, but rather unknown outcomes and fortune.  Universally the number 23 is known as the number that evokes the manifestation of creativity and that is the translation of our core purpose - creating an integrated marketplace for the discovery of original and inspirational brands.


The power of 23 and the possibilities that partner with passion and its people, allowing the creation of magical merchandise and talent that deserves exposure. PLATFORM23 provides the route to market Africa and its creative vendors to a global scale.  There is also a wide reached group called 23rdians - a group of people who subscribe to the mystical power of 23 and see it in multiple combinations throughout daily life.  If you are one of us, let us know. We are all about discovery and connection.